Rockchip RK3026 YK98VS RK3026 V1.0 firmware upgrade

Rockchip RK3026 YK98VS RK3026 V1.0 firmware upgrade

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Rockchip RK3026  


Rockchip firmware upgrade

rockchip 3026 firmware

Android tablets are best part of android development. Rockchip tablets are really reliable if you will say these tablets are 2015 best tablet due to their android programming . These tablets could not be the replace of ipod tablet or samsung tablet in working or tablet size but if you talk about cheap android tab let , these rockchip tablets are best work tablet . This post is about rockchip tablet firmware . Provided firmware in this post is only compatible with RK3026 board id YK98VS-RK3026-V1.0. Do not try with other rockchip tablet unless you don’t know what you are going to do. If you are newbie then you must read how to flash rockchip tablet . Before flashing Stock firmware you must try to solve your error via Android system recovery

Firmware Detail : 

CPU : Rockchip Rk3026
Processor : Dual Core CortaX A9 1.2 to 1.5.
RAM :  1GB 
Model : Different model with same CPU.
File Size : 528.18mb

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