OverKill Mafia Download Android Games for Free

OverKill Mafia Download Android Games for Free

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OverKill Mafia 

Android Game

Download Android Games for Free 

Overkill Mafia Android Game is about a story of Gangster and strong mafia. The game circle around street of chicago where gangsters has great life,overnight parties,romance,planning for business. The street of Chicago tell the story about a mafia man , who is smarter,criminal, murderer, determined , ruthless and go to any limitation and imagination. Street of Chicago is no more safe filled with mobistar,thugs and criminals. From the streets to luxurious cocktail party and prominent circles will not be easy. You will need to use all the dirty tricks. Bribe, threaten, extort. Get organized. Clip those who oppose you. Do whatever it takes to get to sit at the head of the mafia table. The path is open, but only for those with true grit .Plunge yourself into the gloomy atmosphere of the Prohibition Era.Enjoy best display result on smartphones and tablets. 

Overkill Mafia Android game Highlights  :

Fight with other mafia’s in beautiful Chicago environments.
HD Graphics
Become best shooter and let other fear fear from you. 
Use Tommy Gun,Bar Machine Gun,Shotgun and other weapons.
Win Street Reputation Battles 
Get dress highly expensive suits. 
Show Mercy to civilians  . 
Enjoy the roads of 1920’s. 

ScreenShots for OverKill Mafia Game.

Game Requirements :

Android OS :3.1 and above
Version : 1.22

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