ONDA V701 Dual Core Android Tablet V2.1 Firmware

ONDA V701 Dual Core Android Tablet V2.1 Firmware

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ONDA V701 Dual Core Android Tablet Firmware 

V2.1 Firmware .

Compatible with ONDA V701 V5 Version Tablets. 

CPU: Amlogic 8726-MX

This firmware is only compatible with ONDA V701 V5 version tablets. If you try it on other ONDA tablets result might be incompatible or soft broken tablets. 

How to Check ONDA V701 Version for Firmware compatibility. 

before restoring you must see 9th and 10th digit on the back cover of tablet ,as showing in  image. The 9th and the 10th words are you tablet Version. 9th and 10th word of serial number of ONDA V701 Tablet show the version of tablet

Firmware Update for ONDA V701.

see video tutorial how to use Amlogic burning tools 
A very nice effort by Valkoz for creating tutorial
Download Firmware

Step By Step flashing tutorial with images  for Amlogic Usb Burning Tools will be updated soon. 

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