How to Unbrick Lenovo IDEATAB A1000 Android Tablets

How to Unbrick Lenovo IDEATAB A1000 Android Tablets

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How to Unbrick Lenovo Tablet Cause by Charging Issue and Power On problem.

Unbrick Lenovo IdeaTab A1000
Lenovo IdeaTab A1000

The lenovo Ideatab A1000 tablets sometimes cannot power on and charge with adapter , Usb or PC ,when power too low and system is under low power situation. These symptoms only appear to IdeaTab A1000 Tab. Other lenovo tablets does not face this kind problem. Lenovo tablets are high performance and best tablet in the market. The graphics, Material quality does not less from any other well named company. 

How to Solve Charging Failure and Power on  Issue :

1. Download IdeaTab A1000 fix tool
2. Double click on icon to run the exe file and install Fix Tool.

Unbrick Lenovo Tablets
Ideatab Unbricking 
3. Run software , Insert data cable to Pc , Long press volume up key and insert cable. Click on Start (As shown in above image) 

Unbrick Lenovo Tablets

4. Fix Tool install patch automatically in tablet os system . A message window will pop up ” Idea Tab A1000 tablet has been done , Please connect charger” Installation complete and tablet is updated. You are done . 

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