How to Prevent Unwanted apps purchase in Android

How to Prevent Unwanted apps purchase in Android

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How to Prevent In App Purchase or Accidently Purchase/Unwanted apps purchase in Android 

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Mostly Parents use their credit card information to purchase Android Apps which help them in daily life routine . But they forget to remove their account information and hand over their smartphones , or Android tablets to childs to play the amazing android games but when they got bill at month end “They Shout, I did not made purchase ” . Applying theses setting can prevent unwanted,accidently  app purchase from childs. 
For Android smartphones and tablets
Open Google Play Store 
Slide Play Store menu from left . 
        Click on Setting 
        Under “User Control” touch the “Require Password for Purchase “. 
        Choose Password 
  • For All purchase 
  • Every 30 minutes 
  • Never
Select your password by typing. 

This setting can save your money wasting on unwanted app purchase. 

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