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Allwinner A10 F8-2G-M1190-3.1-20120505.0.5.2-a088 Firmware Download.

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Allwinner A10

F8-2G-M1190-3.1-20120505.0.5.2-a088.Stock Firmware Download. 

This firmware img file is stock firmware or generic rom for Allwinner A10 Android tablets which based on board id F8-2G-M1190.If you tablet stuck on boot logo,forgotten pattern lock ,generating errors you need to flash Allwinner A10 tablet with this firmware. Before flashing try to hard reset your tablet, if fails then think about flash . Flashing stock firmware should be last option. If you are newbie on this game you need to read first 

For flashing Allwinner tablets you need to have Livesuit Flashing Tools . 

Tablet Flashing Tools:

For Android Tablet flashing Procedure you need to read the tutorials. 

You can also use : Android Multi Tools

Easy Root Google Nexus 6P nougat

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How to Root Google Nexus 6P

Root Nexus 6p nougat

Root Nexus 6p nougat

Preparation to Root Nexus 6p.

Download ADB drivers for google nexus 6p and install to computer . 
Download CF Auto Root by chainfire . 

Tutorial how to root Nexus 6p Smartphone 7.0.

Now go to developer option on your google nexus 6p smartphone and enable ” OEM Unlocking ” and “usb debugging “.
Turn off your smartphone . Press and hold power button and volume down button together until you see fastboot mode (android logo with start button) on your smartphone. Connect your smartphone to computer via usb cable. (make sure you have correctly install adb drivers , battery should be more than 50% before starting the rooting procedure. )

Root Nexus 6p nougat

Now open CF Auto root tool which you have downloaded before and click on root-windows.bat

Now you will see command prompt pop up. 

Root Nexus 6p nougat

Press any key to continue . You will see Unlock bootloader blue screen on your smartphone. Select yes and press power button once to start rooting procedure . Next you will see fastboot mode window with “LOCK STATE-disable” at the bottom which means you have successfully unlock your bootloader .  

Root Nexus 6p nougat

Now the rooting procedure will be start automatically and red android logo will be appear on your smartphone screen. Once rooting success , your Nexus 6p will automatically reboot to Welcome screen.
To make sure your smartphone is root , open menu and find SuperSU app installed on your smartphone . This app indicate successful rooting. 

Acknowledgement : 

All the logo , images , tools are property of their respected owners. We do not claim any rights . Unlocking bootloader may void warranty , personal data will not damage but we do not take any responsibility.   

Hard Reset Sky Vega A800S

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Hard Reset Sky A800S

How to Hard Reset Sky Vega LTE 

Sky IM A800S

How to hard Reset Sky Vega LTE

Sky IM A800S aka Sky Vega LTE is 1.5 Dualcore  CPU based  South Korean , high end android smartphone . This tutorial is about hard reset Sky Vega Lte A800S to factory settings. But first you must know  What is hard Reset in Android . 

How to hard Reset Sky Vega LTE

How to hard Reset Sky Vega Lte IM-A800S. 

First you need to charge smartphone battery upto 50%. If the battery level will low you will not be able to perform hard reset operation on Sky A800S.

Hard Reset Sky A800S

To perform hard reset you must press both button together Volume Up and Volume Down as shown on above mentioned picture with the help of arrows and the Power button on other side. 

Press and hold Volume Up and Volume down button then press power button for 10 seconds. (count 1 to 10)
Leave all the buttons and wait for smartphone response . You will see a screen with multiple options and shown in below mention picture. 

Hard Reset Sky A800S

Use volume up and down to highlight the option and power button to select the option. 
Highlight Recovery Mode with volume buttons and then press power button . Wait for next screen to show the Android System Recovery

How to hard Reset Sky Vega LTE

Highlight ” Wipe data / factory reset “ and press power button. By selecting this operation you are agreed to remove all your personal data saved on internal phone storage. (If you have choice save your data and if you don’t , all the personal data will be erased , including Contacts , SMS, Gallery , Apps etc).
Wait for few seconds and Sky Vega logo will appear on screen and Sky Vega A800S will turn on. 
Now setup the initial menu by following instructions. 
You have successfully factory reset Sky IM-A800S.

If help needed about above mentioned tutorial please write in comment section. 

Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour apk Android games download

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Modern Combat 4

Zero Hour


download  Android games 

Modern Combat is all time famous and most wanted game now available for Android smartphones and Android tablets with new chapters.Modern Combat 4 ,0 Hour , story is about group of special forces commandos who must track down the terrorist groups and end them to save the world from Nuclear threat .  A very comprehensive game story to enjoy the every second while playing. Modern Combat is #1 action game on all time charts. 

The elite group has all modern technology weapons. Long range , short range ,Machine guns all other weapons which use in close combats and battlefield. 

Rocket Launcher,Anti Aircraft,Anti Tanks, High caliber Sniper and most amazing weapons and technology to use to wipe out the terrorists.

Game Features :

Multi Player Supported. 
Fight in different countries . 
Use modern technology to find and kill the terrorists. 
Improved Voice and Music . 

Game requirements :

File Size :998 MB
Space Needed: 2gb
1gHz CPU and at least 512 mb Ram
Adreno 205 GPU
Status : Paid
Price: 7.50 $ 

how to stop inappropriate search results on browser and apps

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 How to prevent search engines and video hosting sites to display inappropriate search results or videos .

Internet Safety for kids .

Internet Safety for kids .

Technology is growing day by day . With every single day there is new technology arrived and improving in every field of life.As we all aware there are also side effect of modern technology along with huge benefits. Internet is the one of best innovation in this era.  These days , Internet safety for the kids is known issue for the parents , especially for busy parents while they are out for work or children’s are out of sight and using internet . As internet is paying important role in the era of modern technology and has a major role in our daily routine and social life . No matter you are working , studying or socializing, internet is the main key of all these factors , apparently you cannot stop your child’s being a part of this awesome technology . But at the end parents are concerning about displaying inappropriate , unwanted or graphic nudity in the shape of images or videos. The game changer and world no. 1 search engine company Google is very concerning about the family safety on internet. Google and YouTube Allow parents to set safety measures which is Perfective effort. Here are some useful settings to make sure maximum internet security for kids. 

visit Google search preferences  from your browser and turn on safe search and click save . This will allow Google Search Engine to block inappropriate videos and images in result. 

Internet Safety for kids .

Same if you are user of Bing Search Engine  you can also set privacy and measure of safety for children from Bing setting tab.

Internet Safety for kids .

You can also use safe search filter by Google on smartphone and tablet browser .

On smartphone or tablet go to .

5-6 tabs will be shown in bottom. 
Click on setting , select search setting , select SafeSearch Filters and select filter explicit result as mark in image below.

 safe search kids, search settings google, safe search filter ,safe search youtube, safe search engine

Now it’s time to create some barriers to YouTube to display inappropriate search result of videos. 

Go to YouTube homepage on browser.  
Scroll down to bottom and you will find few options . Click on restricted mode and select yes or no and click on save . Reopen YouTube and you will not find any unsuitable videos on home page. 
 safe search kids, search settings google, safe search filter ,safe search youtube, safe search engine

On smartphone or tablet go to YouTube App. Click on setting button and select settings.
Select General  and go for Restricted Mode. 
Tap button to turn on Restricted Mode and you are good to go . 

 safe search kids, search settings google, safe search filter ,safe search youtube, safe search engine safe search kids, search settings google, safe search filter ,safe search youtube, safe search engine

Disclaimer : The purpose of this post is to prepare the parents to meet the maximum security measures on internet . However these Techniques are not 100% satisfactory but work maximum.All the logo and images are property of Google and YouTube. Android Soldier does not claim any rights . 

How to Prevent Unwanted apps purchase in Android

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How to Prevent In App Purchase or Accidently Purchase/Unwanted apps purchase in Android 

play store ,download android games

Mostly Parents use their credit card information to purchase Android Apps which help them in daily life routine . But they forget to remove their account information and hand over their smartphones , or Android tablets to childs to play the amazing android games but when they got bill at month end “They Shout, I did not made purchase ” . Applying theses setting can prevent unwanted,accidently  app purchase from childs. 
For Android smartphones and tablets
Open Google Play Store 
Slide Play Store menu from left . 
        Click on Setting 
        Under “User Control” touch the “Require Password for Purchase “. 
        Choose Password 
  • For All purchase 
  • Every 30 minutes 
  • Never
Select your password by typing. 

This setting can save your money wasting on unwanted app purchase. 

Allwinner A23 XW_Q8_A23_V2.0 Android Tablet Firmware.

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Allwinner A23
Android Tablet Firmware.

Allwinner A23 XW_Q8_A23_V2.0 Android Tablet Firmware.

Provided Firmware in this post is only compatible with Allwinner A23 CPU . The Board ID is XW_Q8_A23_V2.0. If you are not familiar with Board ID then you have to take a look at What Board ID Does my tablet haveFor flashing firmware on Allwinner tablet you have to use PhoenixSuit Tools . PhoenixSuit Flashing tool can be used to update or restore Allwinner tablets. 
You can view complete tutorial how to use PhoenixSuit . To prevent from any loss charge your tablet battery more than 60%. If you are about to update the tablet then backup your data . If tablet is stuck into bootloop , forgotten pattern lock then no luck with data.
Hard Reset is always advice first. If does not work then you can flash stock firmware .  Always find suitable firmware for your tablet . 

Eurostar Epad5 Et 754-B13 RK2926 Android Tablet Stock Firmware Software

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Eurostar Epad5 Et 754-B13

Rockchip RK2926 Android Tablet Stock Firmware Software  

Board id :YK86V-RK2926-V1.3 ET754-B13 
SWFlashing Tips,Tutorials,Firmware

This firmware will be used to flash back your Android tablet  as it was out from factory. If your tablet facing various software problems and behave abnormal then try to hard reset first. In case of failure flash Rockchip tablet to stock firmware. This firmware is only compatible with Rockchip CPU based Tablets. 


Read article about Rockchip CPU on Wikipedia 

Knowledge base :

What board ID , Tablet CPU Chip ,Firmware Number does my Tablet have ? 

Frequently Asked Question about Android Tablets 

Flashing Tutorials :

Read Before : Flashing Tutorial for Rockchip 
Download Flashing Instructions : PDF
SD Card Flashing Too : Tutorial and Tool

Drivers for Rockchip:

Download Drivers for Rockchip tablets

Flashing Tools:

Download: RKbatch Tool

Download Rockchip RK2926 Stock Firmware