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Allwinner A13 Zeepad Android Tablet Firmware Download

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Allwinner A13 Zeepad Android Tablet Firmware 

Firmware ID : A13 AG075 v2.0

board id : AG075 V2.0

Allwinner A13Zeepad is series of  Worry Free Gadgets Brand. Zeepad Tablet is  7 inch Allwinner A13 CPU based Android tablet. Zeepad Tab  has Cortex A8 Processor ,512MB DDR2 Ram and 4 Gb built in memory. Screen resolution is 1080×720 . Tablet price is 60 US$. You can buy  tablet from Amazon.

What if tablet generate System errors ,Stuck on Logo ,forgotten pattern lock ?

First try to hard reset , if does not work then you need flash full firmware of tablet . Allwinner tablet flash with Livesuit flashing utility . first you need to find out CPU information (A10,A13,A20 etc) . Then dowload particular flashing file from link.  Flashing tools are flashing tutorials are available in this post. 

Tablet Flashing Tools:

Flashing Tutorials for Allwinner Tablets:

Recommended Tools : 

You can also use : Android Multi Tools

Hard Reset 7 inch APPTAB Android Tablet RK3066 Rockchip.

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Hard Reset APPTAB

 7 inch Android Tablet via Android System Recovery.

RK3066 Rockchip .

Step by Step Tutorial . 
Forgotten Pattern Lock , Gmail Account , Reset User Lock  on Android Tablet 

What is Hard Reset ?

hard reset is also called Factory reset. its a situation when you  restore your Android device to state when it  left the factory or first time the Smartphones or Tablets turns on . Hard Reset erase all user setting,contents (i.e games,contacts,messages,apps preference setting ,bookmarks,third party apps as well .) So if you’re enough lucky then you can make  backup of all your data before hard reset .In most cases user data lost. Different Android Devices have different method for Hard Reset

 Forgotten Pattern Lock on APPTAB 7 Inch Android Tablet. 
APPTAB 7 inch Android Tablet is available without Power buttons. Power buttons play major role when it comes to Android System Recovery. This is a bit tricky. I have spend  a lot of time to find out how to Hard Reset this unknown tablet . I succeed so like to share it . 

1. Turn off APPTAB completely by holding power button. 
2. Now turn on android tablet . 

3. When logo appear , press home button . 
4. Few second later recovery menu will be appear . 

 5. Select wipe data / factory reset by pressing home button. (you can wipe cache partition as well ).

6. To select the option press power button. 

7. Confirm Yes by pressing power button. 

8. Wiping Data. 

9. Reboot . 

Lenovo Ideatab A2107A-h Firmware , Hard Reset and Custom ROM

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Lenovo Ideatab A2107A-h Firmware 

Lenovo Ideatab A2107A-h Hard Reset

Lenovo Ideatab a2107a-h Custom ROM , CWM and Root. 

android for tablets
lenovo ideatab

Lenovo  Ideatab a2107a-h is a best tablet with dual sim facility. If your Lenovo tablet is facing software problems, Generating multiple errors by OS , Pattern lock or stuck on Gmail account then here is the solution. 

How to hard reset Lenovo  Ideatab a2107a-h.

There are two different method to Reset Lenovo  Ideatab a2107a-h tablet pc. The first one is easy and smooth. If you fail to get required result with method then you can apply method two. 
Method 1.
  • Open the tablet cover from back where you insert the Sd card and sims. 
  • Underneath the back camera there is a small button. 
  • Press this tiny button while tablet is on . 
  • Lenovo tab will be reboot and you will be able to use it . 
lenovo ideatab firmware

if not then 

Method 2.
  • Turn off Lenovo  Ideatab a2107a-h tablet pc. 
  • Press and hold Volume Up button . 
  • Press Power button until you see the blue screen called Factory Mode.This is the same recovery as you seen on other Android devices but with different options. 
  • Press volume down button to make a selection and select “Clear eMMC”. Clear eMMC will erase all your data stored in internal storage. 
  •  Volume Up button will be use to select the option.
  • The further process will take some time and tablet will be reboot . you are done. 
Hard reset solved most of the Problems generated by OS. But if your problem with Lenovo  Ideatab a2107a-h is still remain then you need to restore Lenovo  Ideatab a2107a-h tablet pc to stock ROM. 
hard reset lenovo

Lenovo  Ideatab a2107a-h Firmware. 

Lenovo ideatab a2107 is Mediatek  MT6575 cpu based tablet . You need Sp Flash tool to flash your lenovo tablet to stock firmware. Download firmware and follow and the tutorial . This is the same flashing method which we adopted on  flashing Lenovo A3300GV and A3300HV. 

hard reset idea tab

Conclusion .

Everything is working fine. 

lenovo tablet

lenovo tablet

Lenovo  Ideatab a2107a-h Custom ROM , CWM and Root. 

If you are willing to install Custom ROM on your Lenovo  Ideatab a2107a-h tablet you will need to install CWM first and then Custom ROM and Gapps . For Custom ROM installation there is complete guide available on XDA Developers. 

Lumia Dead Phone Recovery Flashing software

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Lumia Dead Phone Flashing

 Nokia Dead phone usb flashing software

How to fix spinning gear error 

Recover Windows 8 Phone 

 how to flash lumia dead phone

This tutorial will cover how to flash lumia dead phone , How to resolve spinning gear error while windows update on lumia , Microsoft lumia stuck on gear icon.

Download Nokia Software updater for Retail

 how to flash lumia dead phone

Install NokiaSoftwareUpdaterForRetail and open . 

How to fix spinning gear error   Recover Windows 8 Phone

Connect your phone and click ” My phone does not startup or respond”.

How to fix spinning gear error   Recover Windows 8 Phone

On next window disconnect your phone and click on continue . 

latest windows update version  for your dead windowsphone

Now connect your windows phone by holding power and volume down button . Then click Ok to continue. Your windows phone will be connect with computer and software.  latest windows update version  for your dead windowsphone will be display in software. Click Install. All personal content on the phone will be erased during the installation. 
latest windows update version  for your dead windowsphone

 NokiaSoftwareUpdaterForRetail will check the compatibility of current windows update with your windowsphone

latest windows update version  for your dead windowsphone

Windows 8.1 will be start downloading on your lumia phone. For this you need good internet connection and speed as downloading files size could be larger than 1.5 Gb , depend on the model of your windows phone

installing windows 8.1 on lumia phone

During the process your will not be able to use your lumia , do not disconnect the cable or switch off or on . After complete download of windows 8.1 , installation will take place on your nokia lumia . During process your phone will restart several times . Do not panic . 

installing windows 8.1 on lumia phone

While installing windows 8.1 on lumia phone , your screen will be turn into red and installation bar will be visible. 

windows 8.1 on lumia phone

When installation will done , nokia lumia phone will be restart and light up with menu screen. 
 recover your dead nokia lumia

Follow the screen for instruction . You have successfully recover your dead nokia lumia back to normal . 

 recover your dead nokia lumia

Now enjoy the windows 8.1 on your nokia lumia phone

 recover your dead nokia lumia

Things to Remember :-

The following tutorial will only work with lumia phones having already  windows 8 or 8.1.
You must charge your lumia battery more than 60%.
For recovering dead or stuck nokia lumia you need good internet connection. 
You must have 3gb free space on C: drive. 
This  Offtopic post  created on the request of followers. 

MobileGo Android PC Suite for Windows Free Downlad

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MobileGo PC Suite for Android 

Download Full version Free 

full android pc suit version

MobileGo is Pc suite for Android Smartphones and tablets. MobileGo allow user to manage their data,backup,apps and many more. 

Android Pc Suite Features :

  • Transfer Media and files .
Manage files in SD Card and Memory. Convert Videos to different format and transfer to PC. 
  • Edit your contacts
You can edit contacts from Pc to directly in Phone, find duplicate and marge them. 
  • SMS Assistant 
Backup your Sms on Computer in xml format. Manage a group from Pc no need to send one by one message . Send it once to multiple.  
  • Apps Organizer
Download free apps directly to your smartphone or tablet. Move them to SD card without rooting. 
  • 1 Click apps and videos download. 
Download apps from Google Play. Direct access to youtube to download songs and videos. 

Allwinner A13 Q88 S28 V4 Firmware Download

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Allwinner A13 Q88-S28 V4.0.4

Android Tablet Firmware

download tablet firmware 
download tablet firmware allwinner a13 q88 stock firmware

This firmware is working and stock rom for Allwinner A13 having board ID q88 S28 V4.0 . This firmware will be used to flash your android tablet to factory settings. If your tablet is having some sort of software issues and you are not able to find solution via Android System recovery (Hard Reset), then you need to flash your Allwinner a13 tablet via Livesuit flashing utility

There is 3 different firmwares available under the name of Q88 S28 V4.0 with different type of drivers. You have to try each file until you did not get satisfactory results. 

I have not flash this firmware personally so I will not take any responsibility . Try it at your own risk. 
Note:- If link does not work and give 404 Error then you need to use  proxy  and then create an account to download from Chinese servers  . 

install Android apps & games remotely in Android Smartphone and Tablets

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How to install Android apps & games remotely in Android Smartphone and Tablets . 

Install directly from Google Play Store without touching Android Smartphones or tablets. 

Google has facilitate its customer as much as they can . With incredible services and offers , Google is always world number 1 with search engine , Google play store ,developments, blogging, webmaster tools,SEO (search engine optimization ), advertising and of course Android and many more . On Google Play Store you can find million apps and games for your smartphones and tablet which facilitate and make your life easier. Its too easy to install apps and games via WIFI or 3G from Google Play Store. Tap Google Play Store Icon and simply find out what you need. There is another superb option or method for installing android apps and games remotely into your smartphone or tablet without touching or in case its thousand miles away from you .

1. On smartphone or tablet , Activate WIFI , or 3G . Then go to setting –Accounts–Add account–Gmail.
2. Add your gmail account and password. 
3. Open  on your computer .

4. Sign In with same Gmail account which you already added in your smartphones or android tablets
5.Choose any app or game . (for tutorial I choose Sketch Art). 

6. Click Install . 

7. Choose a desired device  (if you have more than one devices synchronised ) and click install . I have selected Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-1900 for the tutorial

8.A Congratulations message will be appeared . 

9. Just look at the smartphone you will see automatically application downloading will be started. (as shown above image).

10. You are done .

Now enjoy the great benefit of being Android and Google User

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