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How to Fix Touch Screen on Android Tablet with Android App.

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How to Fix Touch Screen on Android Tablet with Android App.

Android touch screen problem. 

A13 Touch Screen Calibration.

Android touch screen problem.  A13 Touch Screen Calibration.

This tutorial is about to fix  touch screen drivers on Android tablets in simple way. Most of the time when user flash or restore their tablet via Livesuit (Allwinner AXX)or other flashers,  most of the time drivers or tablet components  does not match exactly with firmware and in results ,  touch screen does not work properly , inverted touch screen. There is a easy way to fix the touch screen problem on Allwinner tablets after flashing. This method will work only if debug mode is on. If touch screen is not working  and debug mode is off ,  you need to attach usb keyboard with Android tablet and try to find a way to turn debug mode on. If there is will there is way. 

Download Android Calibration2.Apk
1.Install Any android Pc Suit on computer . 
2. Connect your tablet to Pc Suit  and  install Calibration2.apk via any Android Pc Suit. (There are many Android PC Suits available . Mobogenie , Wondershare etc)
3. Open Calibration App .
4. Click on + icon to set calibration for TS
The best thing is about Calibration2.apk is its auto correct x,y axes on Touch Screen

Note:- Unfortunately I have not use this app other than Allwinner Tablets. I am not sure it will work or not on other tablets.As soon as I am able to try it with multiple tabs , I will  update results. You can also post results in Comment Section.

Farm Heroes Saga Download free games for Android

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Farm Heroes Saga 

Download free games for Android 

full android  game unlimited coins and beans
farm heroes sega download

Farm Heroes Saga is famous game developed by the team of  famous game Candy Crush Saga . Download game on Android smartphone and tablets to match the croppies by switching up , down , left and right. Match three or more e cropsies in any direction to force Rancid away for good.Farm Heroes  Saga is complete adventure full with fruit and vegetables like strawberry , carrot,onions and many more .  

full android  game unlimited coins and beans
farm heroes sega download

 Farm Heroes Saga game Features :

Gather all kind of croppies before end of your moves  
Look for your friends score .  
Boosters, extra moves and special power-ups .

full android  game unlimited coins and beans
farm heroes sega download

Apk : 49MB
OS : 2.2 and Above
Version : 2.6.10

WORLD CUP 2014 Live Streaming with Android App

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Live Streaming with Android App 

Watch Live World Cup 2014  Fifa

FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil

Did you Miss the Fifa world cup 2014 football match while on working or driving ? It is very difficult for the soccer lovers ,football fans to miss the single match of football world cup 2014 brazil. Android wont let you miss the single fifa world cup 2014 match as Android is participated and celebrating world cup brazil with its lovers and customers. World Cup 2014 is famous Android app to Watch Live world cup 2014 when you are not on TV. World Cup 2014 Android app provide you complete free live streaming  world cup 2014 matches so football lover will not miss any world cup match . Live Commentary ,Goals status , Live update about your favourite football team.This App is compatible with tablets and smartphones

App Features :

FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil

 You can see World Cup 2014 Groups and their ranking. 

FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil

FIFA World Cup 2014 Schedule and Match Time. 

FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil

FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil Point Table for all the soccer teams.

FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil

Football World Cup 2014 predict and win prizes. 

Installation :

apk Size: 6.2 MB
Version: 1.1
Android OS: 4.0 and Above
Developers: GZ Systems Ltd.
Play Store Rating :4.5

How to repair,replace invalid imei on Android Tablets and Smartphones.

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How to Replace or Repair  Invalid IMEI on Android Tablets and Smartphones.
Imei Invalid Android Fix 

Dany Genius Tab G4  Invalid IMEI Repair

What is IMEI ?

Imei is 14 digit base unique identity for Tablets and mobiles. You can find it under the battery starting with 35xxxx or 1xxxxxx .

This tutorial is about fixing Invalid Imei for your smartphone and tablets . If your imei is corrupt or invalid or showing Null ,then you won’t able to use your Sim card or GSM Services. Here is very simple way to repair invalid imei in Android tablets and smartphones. 
Note:- This tutorial is about MTK CPU Based Android Tablets. The tool and tutorial will only work for MTK Cpu based tablets . Do not try it with Allwinner or Rockchip based tablets
To check your imei you need to enter a code *#06# on your dialer . If imei is corrupted then it won’t show the proper imei.
To repair invalid IMEI on MTK CPU based  android smartphones and tablets , you need MTK Droid Tools.  Download MTK DROID TOOLS .
Turn on USB Debugging Mode on your tablet or smartphone.
Connect your tablet with computer and run MTKdroidTools.exe .


All information regarding your tablet will be show . On lower corner of software screen, you will see yellow box with name of your MTK devices. You must root your smartphone or android tablet to repair the invalid imei .
For Root click on Root button .


Some files will be run into software and the box in the lower left corner turn into green. You will see (Root Shell) written after your device name.(as shown below picture).A SU(Super User) icon will appear on your tablet or smartphone . 


Now Click on IMEI/NVRM button . Write Original IMEI or whatever IMEI you want . Do not forget to add country code in start before  IMEI number. For example, the user in united state of america must add 01xxxxxxxxxxxx and then 12digit IMEI .  IMEI must be 14 digit long. First two digit of your country code and then 12 digit of IMEI number. Click on Replace IMEI. A pop up window will appear click OK . 


Changes will take effect shortly . If you still not see IMEI then Reboot tablet with reboot button. IMEI number will be available as show below. You are done. Now you can use SIM, 3G/4G,GPRS features on your tablet or smartphones. 


I have personally Repair Invalid IMEI with above written method. I used  to repair IMEI of DANY GENIUS TAB G4 and the method worked like charm. I do not take responsibility of any damages. 

DEAD TRIGGER Paid Game for Android free download

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DEAD TRIGGER Android Game 
Download free Android Game 

A very famous shooting and zombies killing game for Android smartphones and tablets. Dead Trigger has stunning graphics with awesome scene . You have to save your self from zombies by using modern weapons technology .Machine guns , M16 , riffles are part of Android game. Player will be equipped with heavy weapon. 

Game Features: 

Water simulation in Tegra 3 
 HD graphics 

 3D characters & audio with 3D engine 
 Perfect controls over game
 In Tegra 3 Randall effects
 Try to Shoot in the enemies head & sensitive parts 
 A great story line with random game play 
Free Download paid game
Status was paid but now you can download this game free from Google Playstore. 

Allwinner A13 TW-A0910-V22-1126 Firmware

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Allwinner A13 


Android Tablet Firmware.

CPU:Allwinner A13
Tablet Size : 9 Inch
Board ID : TW A0910 V22
Touch Drivers : GSL-3688
Flashing Tool : Livesuit 

This firmware is specific for Allwinner a13 9 Inch tablet pc. Before flashing this firmware on your tablet try to match board id , then flash this firmware . If firmware does not match with your board ID then might be touch screen does not work , screen rotated , or tablet stuck on logo after flashing. 

MAX PAYNE Mobile apk v1.2 download android game

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MAX PAYNE Mobile apk v1.2 

download android games 

Download full android game free

Max Payne is very famous computer game is now available for Smartphones. The game  is based on story of Max , a undercover cop framed for killing and murder.A man hunted by cops and agents , fighting to clear his,and his family name and uncover the truth .The concept of Bullet TimeĀ® were introduced by Max Payne in the world of video games. A slow motion movements to save yourself while bullets fired .

Download full android game free

Game features :

  • High quality resolution and sharp texture 
  • Slow motion movements Bullet TimeĀ®  during heavy firing. 
  • Multi aiming mods. 
  • Heavy weapons .

Android 2.2 and higher
apk size : 1.13 gb
Status : Paid
Price on Store : 3.30$

Ainol Novo 8 Mini ATM7021 Stock Firmware

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Ainol Novo 8 Mini Stock Firmware 

ATM7021 Android Tablet.

Action CPU based Tablet. 

Ainol Novo 8 Mini is Action ATM 7021 CPU based Android tablet. For flashing Action chip tablet you need to download Actions PAD Product Tool

How to Flash ATM7021 ACTION Android Tablet .

How to Flash ATM7021 with Actions PAD Product Tool ?

Follow the tutorial to flash android tablet. Make sure to charge battery more than 60%. Do not select wrong firmware . Wrong selection may result dead tablet. Before downloading firmware check out board id correctly . if you are not familiar with board id kindly read how to check board id of Android Tablet. 

BACKSTAB apk+data Download Paid Android Games For Free

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Android Game for Smartphones and Tablets. 

Download Android Games 

Download Android Games For Free

Henry Blake was the honorable officer in britain navy once. But now he is a broken man whose life is stripped away,sheltered,imprisoned ,dark . His wife and his life was taken away from him. Help him to find justice ,revenge while playing game with technics. Climbing , jumping,sneaking to reach the target. Find different combos,deadly fighting skills to defeat your enemies and anyone who came into the way to stop . Android game BackStab is based on revenge and finding justice. Magnificent 3D environment to explore the full island freely. The Android game will allow you to explore the 18th century caribbean island. 
 Download paid android game for free to enjoy the stunning graphics and amazing story full with revenge. 

ScreenShots BackStab Game.

Download  Android Games For Free

Download Android Games For Free

Download Android Games For Free

Download Android Games For Free

Download Android Games For Free

Installation Requirements :

Android OS: 2.1 and Up
Version : 1.2.6
apk size:1.5 M
Data size: 594MB
Author : Gameloft

image by google play store. 

All the characters,fiction,logo’s,ideas are property of gameloft and their respected owners.