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EYE ON Smartpad AK6C Allwinner A10 Tablet Firmware

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EYE ON Smart Pad Model AK6C
Allwinner A10 Android Tablet Firmware

Before proceeding you must read :

Basic steps for flashing tablet firmware for newbies.

What board id ,BoxChip,CPU Chip ,does my tablet pc have ?

Frequently Asked Question


Read Article About Allwinner Technology 

Tablet PC Specifications:

7 Inch display 
Resolution of 800×480 pixels
Android 4.0 (ICS)

Tablet Flashing Tools & Tutorials:

Recommended Tools : 

You can also use : Android Multi Tools

Why I need to Flash My Tablet Pc?

In Case of Following 

1. Forgotten Pattern Lock on Android Tablets
2.Too many pattern attempts / Reset user lock.
3. Tablets PC stuck on Gmail account.
4. Android Tablet PC stuck on Android logo.
5. Tablet Android  hang on start-up / Multiple errors generating by OS. 
6. Android Market having problems or generating errors. 
7.Upgrading to new Android version.
you can use this Android Tablet firmware ROM to restore your Android China tablets to generic firmwares or upgrades . Make sure to charge battery upto 60%. Power failure during flashing may result dead or broken tablets.
Note : Flashing generic tablet firmware should be last option.

Download Tablet Firmware

Wondermedia Tablet WM8880 Firmware

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WM8880 Wondermedia Android Tablet
WM8880 Firmware
For-Fun V91 V1.2 tablet firmware.

WM8880 Firmware For-Fun V91 V1.2 tablet firmware.

Wondermedia wm8880 is a known as android tablets cheap Wondermedia produce best tablet for work in very low price. The provided firmware will only work with board Id For-Fun V91-v1.2 how ever this firmware file contain on huge collection of ROM regarding WM8880 Tablets
Before installing firmware you must try to sort out problem with Android System Recovery.

How to flash Wondermedia WM8880 Tablet . 

Download Firmware  4.2 Jelly Bean. 
password : chunk1189

extract firmware file using any software like winzip or 7rar or winrar . 

WM8880 Firmware For-Fun V91 V1.2 tablet firmware.

You will see a folder name FirmwareInstall .Copy this folder to fresh formatted microSD card. 

WM8880 Firmware For-Fun V91 V1.2 tablet firmware.

Open folder from MicroSD card and find folder called Config as highlighted in image. This is the basic step to flashing Wondermedia tablet wm8880. Open Config folder and you will see bunch of files inside config folder. 
WM8880 Firmware For-Fun V91 V1.2 tablet firmware.

This step is bit tricky . You will see many firmwares inside folder all you do is  select the exact firmware  . All you have to do just match + sign with your required firmware by renaming your desire firmware . “+” sign will help booting the correct firmware for your tablet. I have select Forfun v91 1.2 for my tablet . See the list and if you found your desire firmware for wm8880 in list , rename it and add “+” in start of it and remove all other + signs. 
Turn off your tablet. Make sure your tablet is more than 60% charge. 
insert microSD card into tablet and power it on. 
If you are succeeded to select the right firmware for your tablet , your tablet will be start loading firmware automatically. 
WM8880 Firmware

Now wait and see the instructions on screen. Installation will take some time. 

WM8880 Firmware

At the end you will see message “Please remove installation Media”. Eject your MicroSD card . 
Tablet will be reboot and start updating apps. 

WM8880 Firmware

First boot will take 3-5 minutes. 
WM8880 Firmware

Conclusion :

The above mentioned method based on my personal experience . Did not find any trouble during installation but I am not responsible for any loss or damages. If you have any question regarding tutorial please write in comments section. 

Alcatel one touch 6010x hard reset and Stock Firmware.

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Hard Reset Alcatel One Touch Star 6010x 

Alcatel onetouch 6010x firmware. 

Step by Step Tutorial.

Alcatel onetouch 6010x firmware.

Hard reset is necessary when your smartphone is stuck on bootloop , forgotten pattern lock or Gmail account. 
To Alcatel onetouch 6010x hard reset you must follow the below mention procedure. 
  • Turn off the smartphone and wait to shut down completely. 
  • Press Volume Up button 
  • While holding Volume + Button press Power Button .
  • hold both buttons until you see the Android System Recovery menu. 
 Alcatel onetouch 6010x firmware.

  • Now select your desire language by Volume up and down button and press power button to proceed further. 
 Alcatel onetouch 6010x firmware.

  • You will see the menu with different options. Select “Wipe data / factory Reset “.
 Alcatel onetouch 6010x firmware.
  • Select YES–delete all user data and press power button. This will erase all your contents(Contacts,Images,etc) from Phone memory and will not be undone. 
 Alcatel onetouch 6010x firmware.

  • Android logo will be appear and all the data will be formatted.
 Alcatel onetouch 6010x firmware.

  • When data wipe complete reboot your smartphone by selecting reboot system now.

Alcatel onetouch 6010x firmware.

  • Alcatel one touch logo will appear and phone take some time to first boot. Do not panic .
 Alcatel onetouch 6010x firmware.

  • Welcome to setup wizard. Skip all or get started its up to you . You are done. 

Alcatel onetouch 6010x firmware. 

if the problem was not solved with hard reset , then you need to  flash Alcatel one touch 6010x to stock firmware. Alcatel onetouch star is Mediatek CPU based smartphone . Smartphone Flash tool aka SP Flash tool will be use to flash stock rom. If you are new with Sp flash tool then you to read and understand complete flashing procedure about how to flash mediatek smartphones with Sp flash tool. The provided firmware is stock but not tested by me. Flash it your own risk (in my case hard reset did work well). 
Note:- This firmware is only compatible with Alcatel onetouch 6010x . Alcatel onetouch 6010d is different model. Do not use this firmware other than 6010x models, you may brick your device and never able to restore it. 
Download Firmware 

Also  Custom Recovery TWRP for Alcatel onetouch 6010x is available. You can download TWRP for Alcatel 6010x from here. 

How to Clear Browsing History and auto saved Password from Android

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 How to Clear Browsing History and auto saved Password from the Browser of Android Smartphones and Tablets. 

Step by Step Tutorial with Screen Shots. 

Many Android user do not know how to clear the browsing history and auto saved password from Android smartphones and tablets. Sometimes Browsing history contains on your private material ,and auto saved passwords re open your email or other personal web side which nobody wants to show up others or always try to hide from others. The other android user easily view what you were doing on internet from the history of your browser. So better to remove the history of browser to protect your personal data . There are few simple tips to clear browsing data and saved password from Android smartphones and tablets. 

Open browser from Android smartphone or tablet

tutorial to clear browsing history

2. Click on Menu to open option tab and select Setting. 

tutorial to clear browsing history

Select Privacy and Security. 

tutorial to clear browsing history

Click on Clear History .

tutorial to clear browsing history

Click OK to delete the browser navigation history. 

tutorial to clear browsing history

Delete  Cache by clicking on Clear Cache .

tutorial to clear browsing history

 Delete all saved from data. (This will delete all your auto saved password as well ). 

tutorial to clear browsing history

Note :- This tutorial and snapshot was taken on Jelly Bean 4.1.2 . On other versions of Android might be some options are different but the procedure is same. 

What is Firmware and Custom Firmware

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What is Firmware and Custom Firmware 

Definition and Difference Between Original Firmware and Custom Firmware .

What is Firmware ?

A firmware is main software ,installed in main chip (flash memory called ROM) of all electronic device to control and give permanent instructions to device hardwares . ROM is read only memory which can be rewritten or erase and contain on a system image of Android OS . 
No matter its Smartphone,Tablets or other devices,the definition of firmware is same in all the electronic devices. A firmware works like human brain, which can control and instruct all the part of human body. 

What is Stock Firmware,Stock Rom or Original Firmware ?

A firmware is also called Stock ROM which means the original firmware of particular device from company or a same copy of software which were installed by company during manufacture . A modified firmware with different version called update . When the companies modified their firmwares to remove the bugs ,more compatibility,or better performance and efficiency ,called updates.Firmware Updates manage by versions.   You can install firmware updates in many ways i.e if you have smartphones or tablets you can install Android updates (for example 4.0,4.1,4.1.2,4.2.1,4.2.2,4.4,5.0.2,5.1.1,6.0)iPhone or iPad (IOS 7.1.1,IOS 8.0)etc. by WIFI (OTA) or by downloading firmware from company’s web page. The original firmwares are always needed when your device does not respond properly ,dead or generating multiple software errors to make it alive again. 

What is Custom Firmware ,Custom Rom?

A  firmware which modified,edited, injected new features,ripped out stock apps,optimized kernel with no limitation by individuals (Developers) called Custom Firmware or Custom Rom.  The most important feature of Custom Rom is , you can update firmware to those versions which is not available for you device. Custom firmwares are based on extra utilities added by developers i.e  extra themes,long battery,speed,graphics ,explore the whole devices options added into custom ROM. 

Read : How to install custom 4.4.2 firmware on samsung galaxy S2.

For reference in Iphone you can preserve baseband to avoid baseband update with custom firmware or in android devices you can have extra features like installing apps in memory card,rooting etc.

This post and content is based on best of my knowledge. If someone would like to add something in this post please write it in comments and I will add it to post. Any suggestions would be considered  as compliment. 

ASUS MeMO PAD KOW How to Hard Reset / erase user data

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Hard Reset and Wipe User data 

Asus kow hard reset

How to Hard Reset / erase user data , ASUS Memo Pad 


1. Download Flashing file from Here
2. Extract and copy all data on SD Card. 
3.Turn off ASUS MEMO PAD KOW Tablet
4. Insert SD Card into tablet and press power on button. 
5.The blue screen will come up with different options. 

6. Select Clear user data by pressing Power button. for up and down movement use Volume up and Volume Down buttons. 

7. Remove SD card and reboot Tablet.

Allwinner A23 86V-LED-V1.5 Firmware

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Allwinner A23


Android Tablet Firmware   

Android 4.4.2 Kitkat Firmware 

allwinner a23 firmware
Aforementioned firmware is specific for ORRO A950i Android tablet ,while you can use this A23 firmware with other  Allwinner A23 CPU based tablets. If the board ID , or PCB image is same to Allwinner A23 86v-led-v1.5 , you can flash this firmware on any Allwinner A23 tablet

Phoenix Flashing tool is the tool to write the firmware on your Allwinner Tablet. If you are new to flashing procedure here is the complete guideline . There is another tool available for flashing Allwinner A23 CPU based tablet which is called Phoenix Pro Usb , but Phoenixsuit Flashing utility is highly recommended. 

How to flash Allwinner A23 Tablet with PhoenixSuit .

Firmware Detail :

Android Version : 4.4.2
Platform : Allwinner A23
File Size : 428.66
Rooted : No
Build : A23-ORRO-a950i-android4.4.2-20141223-86V-LED-V1.5_20150105-test-keys
Ext :  .img 

Before flashing stock firmware Hard reset via Android Recovery is always recommended. 

Empire Z Android Game free download

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Empire Z 

Android Game 

Manage Your City and Save People from Zombies. 

Survive after Zombie Apocalypse 

download android games for free 

Empire Z is strategy game . The game is about the build a strong city hold, make alliance with other online players , train your troops,make farms,roads,resident  and kill the zombies to save your peoples. 

Game Feature:

Earn prize for your city and your alliance.
Fantastic Graphics

Game Requirements :

OS 2.3 and Above
Version 0.0.6

Lenovo A889 Hard Reset and Firmware

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Lenovo A889 Hard Reset
Lenovo A889 Firmware 

Lenovo Smartphone 

Lenovo A889 Firmware

Updated : 

Lenovo A889 is best smartphone ,based on  Quad core 1.3 ,Mediatek MT6582 Processor with 8MP Camera with led flash light , Dual Sim , 8Gb Rom and 1Gb Ram. This smartphone carrying Android 4.2.2 as a Stock Rom. 

This how to tutorial will cover ” how to hard reset your Lenovo A889 Smartphone to factory setting or Flash with stock firmware “. If your smartphone is generating errors like unfortunately system stop working , or stock on logo or forget pattern lock or forget user code,Google Playstore not working ,  all you have to do is Hard reset via Android Stock or Custom System Recovery to clear all the errors . 

Hard Reset Lenovo A889

Lenovo A889 hard reset

Turn off your lenovo smartphone.
Hold Volume up and press power button.
When lighten up leave power but keep holding power up button. 
You will see factory menu with blue screen ,leave volume button now. 
Select 4th option “Clear eMMC” by pressing power button. 
This will take sometime and will erase all your internal storage.
 All the data will be lost . 
Android phone will be reboot automatically . 
Follow the screen for instruction . 
You are done . 
Lenovo A889 Hard Reset

Lenovo A889 Stock Firmware 

If you found your android phone is still generating same errors and did not solved the problem by hard resetting , then you need to flash your lenovo smartphone with stock firmware. Lenovo A889 Smartphone is Mediatek MT6582 cpu based smartphone . You need SP Flash tool to flash your Lenovo A889 to back it  normal . Providing Lenovo firmware is Android 4.2.2

Lenovo A889 Hard Reset

GAPPS not included mean after flashing stock firmware you will not be able to see google apps. This stock firmware is available without google apps . 

How to install GAPPS for Lenovo A889.

To install GAPPS on lenovo a889 you must root lenovo smartphone and install CWM (clockworkmod recovery) . After rooting and installing CWM ,  you must restart your lenovo a889 to recovery mode and click on “install GAPPS from SD” . This will include all google apps i.e Google Playstore , Gmail , Playstore Services etc .