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TOP 5 Apple Iphone Hidden Menu Codes

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TOP 5 Iphone Hidden  Codes 

 iphone secret codes 

Iphone Secret menu codes has been reviled. Secret Codes are set of combination which allow you find more detail about your iphone hidden features. These secret codes implied from keypad with the help of call button (few) along with asterisk (*)and hash (#) symbols. 
Here is Detail :-

1. Voice call barring all outgoing calls ( *#33# ).
Call barring options use to protect you from dialing unauthorized calls . *#33# secret code allow you to check the restrictions on all outgoing calls , sms , data usage etc. This code prevent misuse of your Iphone. If you want to enable restriction mode you need to dial *33*(SIM pin)# . If you want to disable dial #33*(SIM pin)#. Sim pin is not a security code , it’s a  code which you have already enabled on your SIM . 
2. Calling Line Presentation called EFR Mode (*3370# + Call ) . 
Enhance Full Rate menu code allow you to revamp voice quality of call conversation on GSM. This code is not available on all networks and also consume more battery than normal conversation on Apple Iphone

3.  Field Test (*3001#12345#* + Call).

This hidden menu code on Apple Iphone allow you to see the detail of Live Update Info about your Network.  This code can be reveal numerical value of your iphone signals and can read data about nearby  network towers. 

4. Imei Number (*#06#).

IMEI (international Mobile Equipment Identity ) is 15 digit irreplaceable unique code which help all networks to  recognize your iphone . Every Smartphone carry different IMEI number and cannot be same on two devices , although this code help you to get back your iphone if you lost it in anyway . 

5. SMS Message Center Number  (*#5005*7672# + Call).

This secret code on iphone help you to identify your SMS message center number which is very useful if you have error ” Message failed to send “.

Disclaimer : This post was published for educational purpose not for misuse . Android Soldier condemned any misuse .  

Android Secret Codes, Secret Menu for Testing Smartphones

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Android Secret Codes, Secret Menu  for Testing Smartphones 

Android secrete codes are used to display hidden menu’s in smartphones. You can check alot of hidden options inside phones with help of these code. 

Hard Reset . This will delete all user data.

This code will show 5 hidden menu . 
Battery information
Phone information
Battery Usage
To Check the Imei Number.

With this code you can view SW version PDA CSC and  MODEM

Unlock Camera Detail . 

To activate the Service Mode

For ADC Reading
Testing Vibrate Motor Test Mode

This code will open back up file system. where you can copy your data 

Real Time Clock Test code 

To diagnostic configuration

USB I2C Mode Controller

Packet Loopback

Try System Dump Mode

For Factory Reset. Will remove download apps,OS,Google account setting.
Testing Quick Test Menu

Sellout SMS

For testing Bluetooth , GPS,Wifi try these codes. 

MAC address for WIFI

 Bluetooth testing 

Bluetooth device address

*#*#232339#*#* OR *#*#526#*#* OR *#*#528#*#*  
WLAN testing. You can use menu button to start various tests. 

GPS testing

Various and Important factory test with these codes. 

*#*#0673#*#* OR *#*#0289#*#* 
 Melody test

 Touch screen test

 Proximity sensor test

 RAM version

Touch screen version

 Device test (Vibration test and Back Light test)

 LCD test

 Outgoing International SMS status

Call waiting status

 Unconditional Call Forwarding status

 Incoming caller ID status

outgoing caller ID status

incoming SMS status

Incoming SMS If Roaming status.

Outgoing SMS status

Note :  All these codes are not tested . I have tested some of them. I do not take any responsibilities for any loss. 

ATM7013 CPU-TF-20121031-Q8-0329 Firmware

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ATM7013 Firmware
Action Tablet CPU
Android tablet Stock firmware 

ATM7013 CPU-TF-20121031-Q8-0329 camera

This firmware is only suitable for ATM7013 CPU based Action tablets.  Action pad product tool will be use to flash this firmware on your ATM Tablet

Firmware Details :

Platform : ATM7013 Action Tablet
PCB / Board Id : ATM7013CPU-TF-20121031-Q8-0329
format : img 
File Size : 176mb
Camera Drivers : Q8-0329
Root : Not Rooted 
Stock Firmware 

Mission Impossible Android games free download

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Mission Impossible Rogue Nation 

Android game review 

Android games free download for tablets & Smartphones.

Android games free download for tablets & Smartphones.

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation is very famous android action game available on Playstore . This game is based on very famous and hit movie sequence Mission Impossible . Your mission is to eliminate high profile target with ultimate skills. Kill all the enemy agents , destroy the bases and kill the main terrorist targets by choosing latest weapons like assault rifles , machine guns , sniper rifles. 

Android games free download for tablets & Smartphones.

Upgrade weapons by earning coins and energy . With every upgrade your weapons will be become more powerful and long range. 

Android games free download for tablets & Smartphones.

Enemy has different level of soldiers . Recruit level 1 to so on. With every up level, elimination of enemy soldier become hard . 

Android games free download for tablets & Smartphones.

You can also defend your headquarter and upgrade it , which will increase your health and strength.  
Android games free download for tablets & Smartphones.

You can change your position with different angles but like other big games (call of duty etc) you cannot move forward. There is few certain points where you can hide. The options are very limited if you compare this game to another big developer games but with low space and high visuals this game is very impressing . 

Android games free download for tablets & Smartphones.

You can also Join agencies or you can also make your own agency and recruit different players all over the world and give them different type of tasks. 

Android games free download for tablets & Smartphones.

File Size : 100 MB
Content rating : 16+
Supported Android version : 3.0 and above
Current version : 1.0.2
Inapp Purchase.  from 1$ to 100$
Developers : Glu Mobile Inc . 
all the logo and images are property of their respective owners . Android soldier does not claim any rights. 

How To Remove bypass ICloud ID on Iphone 4

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How To Remove iCloud ID on Iphone 4 iOS 7.1.2

How to remove iCloud account from iphone 4

how to remove icloud id without password iOS 7
step by step how to tutorial 

How to remove Icloud account from iphone 4

Note:- This tutorial is only for educational purpose . Android soldier does not support any illegal activities or stolen devices, even we condemn this kind of activities. The tutorial was written on the request of my followers . This tutorial is for those who originally bought devices,original owner and forget their icloud password or icloud id or they have bought 2nd hand iphone and previous owner block it , not for them who are involved in any illegal activities. 

Understanding iCloud . 

iCloud is backup service from APPLE . iCloud was the greatest addition in all Apple OS platforms to secure the consumers from lost , theft .  This is best protection feature which every iphone user must use to backup his/her personal data . The main feature of Icloud is called “find my phone” option. If you ever have turn this option on ,then you  can locate your stolen iphone , erase it and block it to prevent from misuse . Even restore ,flashing or upgrading iOS will not work until you  know the exact icloud id which  used to backup data or block the iphone. All you have to do login on icloud website , use your Apple ID, password which were installed on stolen or lost iphone. Icloud can also be used to transfer your data from iphone to another iphone  (Contacts,sms,picture 5gb maximum).

How to remove Icloud account from iphone 4

How to remove Icloud account from iphone 4

By following this tutorial you can only bypass iphone 4 which is not activated yet and stuck on icloud id . After bypass you will not be able to use cellular services any more . “NO MORE SIM”. however there is method in which you can use cellular services as well after bypassing but for that you need to be on ios 7.1.1

First download bypass package .The package include two software, one is called ssh_rd_rev04 and another one called winSCP. unzip folder and install winSCP . 
  • Put your iphone 4 into DFU mode . (press power + home button together and count 10 , then leave power button but keep pressing home button and count 01-30.) Now connect your iphone to computer . Windows will recognize iphone and install drivers for DFU Mode. do not run itunes during all procedure. 
How to remove Icloud account from iphone 4

  • Now open ssh.jar file . Make sure you have java installed on your computer 

  • Ssh.jar will download firmware . After few minutes ssh.jar will exploit bootrom. When the romdisk loaded your iphone will be reboot and freeze on apple logo throw out the whole process. Do not turn off your iphone. 
How to remove Icloud account from iphone 4

  • Ssh.jar will do some more changes and at the end you will see the username and password shown by ssh.jar . Login:root  password:alpine
how to activate iphone 4

  • Now double click on winSCP icon and run it , and write information which is indicated in image below then click on login.  
icloud bypass iphone4

  • A pop up window will be come forward and will search for host throw IP.
How to remove Icloud account from iphone 4

  • winSCP window will open . Now open console by press CTRL+T or click on console option.
How to remove Icloud account from iphone 4

  • Now write “” and execute while winSCP window will remain open. 

How to remove iCloud account from iphone 4

  • Now you are in winSCP windows where you see root directory of your iphone. winSCP will display two windows , left will be show your desktop and right side will show your iphone root directories. Select /root as mentioned in image below .

How to remove Icloud account from iphone 4

  • Now go to var then application . you will see . Delete by right click . 

How to remove Icloud account from iphone 4

  • you are done . You iphone 4 will be automatically reboot in recovery mode . An itunes and cable option will be come to screen on your iphone. If your phone does not reboot automatically , reboot it manually by pressing power button. Download TinyUmbrella , open and click on exit recovery. you are done . 

How to remove Icloud account from iphone 4

There are many icloud bypass methods are available but this method is 100% successful method. So do not waste your time trying short methods. 

Things to remember:-

This tutorial is only work with iphone 4 and not applicable on iphone 4s , iphone 5,5s,5c ,iPhone 6,6+,6s,6+s because except A4 Chip exploit of bootrom is not possible until now. 
After bypass icloud account you will not be able to use cellular services . 
You will not be able to use your iphone with iTunes.Wifi only.  
During all procedure your iphone must stay on apple logo with flashing bar( see image ) . If your phone turn on at some point you have repeat all these steps again. 

icloud id remover

Lenovo A390 MT6577 Stock Firmware

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Lenovo A390 Stock Firmware and Flashing Tool
MT6577  Firmware / flashing tutorials 

how to flash lenovo A390 to stock firmware 

how to flash lenovo A390 to stock firmware

Lenovo A390 is 4″ smartphone based on Mediatek MT6577 CPU. The following firmware will restore your lenovo a390 back to factory settings and will install Stock firmware . The following firmware based on android 4.0.4 stock firmwareSP Flash tool will be used to flash lenovo a390 smartphone to 4.0.4. If you are not familiar with Mediatek flashing tool then you must read tutorial before start flashing . 

How to flash lenovo a390 smartphone .

Download Firmware and unzip . 
Open SP Flash tool and select scatter.txt file
Click on download 
Battery out, in and press volume up button and insert cable. Follow the tutorial for further detail .for reference see image. 

Lenovo A390 Stock Firmware and Flashing Tool MT6577  Firmware / flashing tutorials

Firmware Detail :

Android OS : 4.0.4
Genres : Official 
File Size : Upto 900mb (included 4 different stock firmware)
CPU : Mediatek MT6577

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all logo and images are the property of their respective owners. 

How to Copy backup Whatsapp Chat from Android to Computer

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How to Copy WhatsApp conversation from Android  and print them out . 

How to backup Whatsapp Conversation For Android smartphones and Tablets. 

how to copy whatsapp chat on pc.

A question asked by many Android users ” How to Print Out Whatsapp Conversations , how to backup whatsapp chat “,  So I decide to write step by step tutorial to make it easy for android users. If you are in need of backup whatsapp messages or need a soft or hard copy of your Whatsapp conversation or Whatsapp group chat or you want to save your Whatsapp chat on computer , you are on right place.  

How to Print Out Whatsapp Conversation, Chat. 

Simply Open WhatsApp on your Android Tablet or Smartphones. Click on  Whatsapp Setting . 

how to copy whatsapp chat on pc.

Click on Chat Setting 

how to copy whatsapp chat on pc.

Now Click on Email Conversation. 

how to copy whatsapp chat on pc.

Choose whatever Whatsapp conversation you want to email for print out. 

how to copy whatsapp chat on pc.

After Selection Email Conversation you have select wether you email your conversation with media or without Whatsapp media files . Attaching Media may take some time to attach media files. 

how to copy whatsapp chat on pc.

If you are Gmail user then click on gmail .Your Gmail account is already added in Google accounts so choosing Gmail is easy to send email your whatsapp chat
whatsapp messenger

If you have email account other than Gmail click on  email and Configure your desired email account. 

whatsapp messenger

How to backup Whatsapp Chat. 

 you can also backup single or whole whatsapp conversations by clicking on Backup conversation in whatsapp setting.

whatsapp messenger

All whatsapp chat will be saved on your local internal memory. 

whatsapp messenger

Note: Images are property of their respected owners. Screenshot ware taken on Samsung Smartphone running 4.1.2 Jellybean. 

Allwinner A13 A7016QG-V1.2 2013-09-23 Android Tablet Firmware .

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Allwinner A13 A7016QG-V1.2 2013-09-23

 Android Tablet Firmware . 

android tablet flashing software free download
Allwinner A13 Firmware 


This firmware will help to restore your Allwinner a13 tablet on  stock rom. if you are having problem using tablet (software error , password lock , user password , gmail account,google play store error, multiple errors generated by Software). The board id  is A7016QG-V1.2 2013-09-23 which support the mention firmware. The flashing tool will be livesuit for flashing this tablet. You can also use Phoenix tools . If you are newbie then you must read the  tablet flashing tutorials

Downloads :

Download Livesuit 
Download Phoenix Suit
Download Firmware 

Allwinner A23 Firmware TJ_A23_P860_V40

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Allwinner A23 TJ_A23_P860_V4.0

Allwinner A23 Firmware 


Allwinner A23 Firmware

As far as everyone know that Allwinner tablets are best tablet for work. These tablets are also known as cheap tablets and best tablets . This firmware is stock firmware for Allwinner A23 Tablet with board id  TJ_A23_P860_V4.0. This firmware is helpful to restore android tablet to factory settings. If your tablet is having software issues or other problems related to software(hang on start up, Gmail account , forgotten Pattern lock , user lock or hang on android logo ) then this stock firmware will be helpful to flash your tablet.

Flashing Utility 

PhoenixSuit flashing tool is the tool for flashing Allwinner A23 firmware . It’s easy , reliable and convenient to use. Hard reset via Android System Recovery is always advised.

Board ID :  TJ_A23_P860_V40

CPU / Platform : Allwinner A23
Brand : Multiple Brands
Processor : Dual Core
Build No. polaris_7004-eng 4.2.2 JDQ39 20140521 test-keys